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Dental Strategies and AI Tools to Detect Oral Abnormalities

The 2024 Florida Dental Convention highlighted AI and digital dental innovations aimed at improving efficiency and periodontal disease.

The 2024 Florida Dental Convention in Orlando, Florida, presented new techniques involving digital dentistry and AI-integrated software from industry leaders. Dentists, students, and professionals from around the world explored how these innovations could enhance efficiency and improve patient experiences.

The American Dental Association Health Policy Institut

Top Three Products for the Home Spa and Hospitality Projects

Home spas are becoming increasingly popular, as residential clients strive to bring the luxurious spa experience into their own living spaces. Here are three standout products of 2024.

As summer approaches, clients eagerly anticipate taking well-deserved breaks after long workdays, seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Many prefer the convenience of indulging in these experiences at home, given their demanding schedules. This year’s trendiest spa products offer long-term durability and therapeut

A judo sensei's journey to success

A UCF judo instructor found passion in inspiring people from all walks of life through martial arts by showing them that they can do anything they put their minds to.

Shinjiro Sasaki, adjunct martial arts instructor, opened a martial arts school in Casselberry back in 2010, shortly after moving from Japan to start a new life in the U.S.

Sasaki said that judo is more than just a physical sport.

“I came here to bring what I learned from Japan so that students not only learn the techniques but a

Filtered Realities: Guest Speakers at UCF Raise Concerns About Media Bias

UCF hosted a public event for guest speakers to share the importance of acknowledging algorithm bias and media illiteracy, especially for students.

The event, called Filtered Realities: Exploring Social Media Censorship, Privacy, and Algorithm Bias, was at the Student Union in the Key West Ballroom. Guest speakers Kimberly Voss, a UCF journalism professor, Trish Murphy, a social media marketer and Laine Powell, founder and executive director of Tech Sassy Girlz, spoke out on the issue Thursday afternoon.

Article — Breaking Gender Stereotypes In K-Pop: A New Generation? 11.11.2023.

He knew he didn’t fit the image, but he was no average dancer.

The audience takes a look — A person with a flair to their wear overpowers the stage.

That’s Jadiel Rivera, a DGBEKStudios K-Pop dancer and 4REIGN member, who said that he looks at his past as a reminder of how far he’s made it.

“I know for a long time I was very afraid,” Rivera said. “It took accepting my own self to take that step forward.”

Rivera continued contemporary dancing and later took a liking for K-Pop dancing that boo

One Billion Rising returns to UCF: continuing the fight against sexual violence

One Billion Rising, a campaign working towards rebuilding self-love and freedom for sexual assault victims, returned to UCF on Tuesday.

UCF Victim Services collaborated with One Billion Rising at the Student Union. The event included tabling for students to learn more about the campaign, a flash mob and an empowering spoken word piece about reclaiming one's dignity after suffering through sexual violence.

A returning medical art elective allows students to connect with their emotions

A UCF medical student sang Frank Sinatra's greatest hits with dementia patients before they began chanting, some mumbling the lyrics.

Joshua Salzman, a fourth-year medical student, along with Natasha Williams, UCF College of Medicine library faculty member, were astonished by how the patients' faces instantly lit up. Both Williams and Salzman brought back the Arts in Medicine elective after five years of the university taking it off the course catalog. They said they started plans to bring the class back in 2019 but paused their progress due to COVID-19, time constraints and quarantine.

Advocates fight for HIV awareness and prevention amid rising cases

When J. Richelle Joe was a teenager, she lost both of her parents to AIDS. Now, she works to address its effects and raise awareness about the illness.

According to Florida Sunshine Health, HIV cases in Central Florida have gradually increased by hundreds every year. Contributing factors include stigma surrounding the illness and a lack of awareness, medical care and preventative methods, according to Joe's research.

Match Day couples successfully combat the struggles of medical school as parents

The Berniers could not contain their smiles and watery eyes as they crouched down to show their Match Day envelopes to their child.

Megan Bernier and Andy Bernier, both fourth-year UCF Doctor of Medicine students who matched at HCA Florida Westside Hospital at the College of Medicine last Friday. The achievement was a product of an emotional rollercoaster that many medical students undergo because of heavy classwork and intensive hours. The couple said they couldn’t have done it without their one-year-old son, Samuel.

UCF researcher shows dedication through work in healthcare simulation

UCF College of Nursing professor Mindi Anderson is working to enhance her students’ clinical experiences before they graduate. To do so, she uses cutting-edge simulation technology, and her impact won her a 2022 Luminary Award.

The Luminary Awards recognize faculty members across all disciplines for academic leadership in their fields and for conducting work that has a significant impact on the world. Anderson was celebrated alongside five other scholars at the award ceremony on Nov. 1. Anderson was recognized for “advancing nursing education and care through leading-edge research and scholarship in simulation technology."

UCF Health Services provides options for insurance plans and interpreters to international patients

Brenda Perez said she always felt a wave of empathy as she spoke to patients in their native language about helping them achieve a healthier life.

Perez, a healthcare interpreter for the UCF College of Medicine and Nemours Children’s Hospital, said their health insurance has helped UCF patients and includes free interpretational services for multiple languages. UCF Health Services are currently in a network with six insurance providers.

UCF receives $5.7 million to support Hispanic/Latinx students in healthcare fields

UCF has received $5.7 million in federals funds to support healthcare programs that will foster the success of Hispanic/Latinx undergraduates and low-income students in the nursing field, according to UCF Today.

Kimberly Schneider, director of UCF undergraduate studies, said there was a slight decrease in student enrollment and graduation rates last year at UCF, and these federal funds may help to reverse the trend.

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