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Genevieve Zeraus is a senior undergraduate receiving her BA in journalism from the University of Central Florida in Fall 2024. She reports in freelance and multimedia work on investigative, data, progressive and health subjects. 

She is a current member of the award-winning NAHJ student organization at UCF.

My Latest Articles!

A judo sensei's journey to success

A UCF judo instructor found passion in inspiring people from all walks of life through martial arts by showing them that they can do anything they put their minds to.

Shinjiro Sasaki, adjunct martial arts instructor, opened a martial arts school in Casselberry back in 2010, shortly after moving from Japan to start a new life in the U.S.

Sasaki said that judo is more than just a physical sport.

“I came here to bring what I learned from Japan so that students not only learn the techniques but a

Filtered Realities: Guest Speakers at UCF Raise Concerns About Media Bias

UCF hosted a public event for guest speakers to share the importance of acknowledging algorithm bias and media illiteracy, especially for students.

The event, called Filtered Realities: Exploring Social Media Censorship, Privacy, and Algorithm Bias, was at the Student Union in the Key West Ballroom. Guest speakers Kimberly Voss, a UCF journalism professor, Trish Murphy, a social media marketer and Laine Powell, founder and executive director of Tech Sassy Girlz, spoke out on the issue Thursday afternoon.

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